Divorce & Matrimonial

Divorce & Matrimonial

Our divorce solicitors know that divorce often involves high emotions, especially when there are children involved.

Our team of divorce solicitors & child lawyers are sensitive to your needs during this difficult time and will work with you to resolve your divorce with compassion and efficiency. We also try not to use legal jargon when we communicate with you.

Whether you are just at the stage of thinking about divorce and wanting some initial advice or you’re definitely in need of a divorce solicitor to represent you, we offer a range of services to help from our ‘Free First Advice’ through to full representation.

Divorce Advice

Divorce also covers a vast range of circumstances – from everything being completely agreed through to, sadly, quite bitter and acrimonious court proceedings. Our divorce solicitors can help whatever your position.

Getting the right lawyer is vital – the level of legal knowledge and expertise can make a real difference to the outcome and their levels of customer service can make a real difference to the experience. Our specialist, local divorce lawyers excel on both fronts and will work to get the absolute best outcome for you.

Cohabitation Agreement Solicitors

People often think that couples who have been living together for a long period of time are ‘common law’ husbands and wives; but there is no such legal status in the UK. The Law refers to 'living together' relationships as Cohabitation; people living together are called ‘Cohabitees'.

Our cohabitation agreement experts can advise you on the cohabitation issues you should consider, where you stand legally; and how a Court would view your arrangements.

Cohabitation Agreements are increasingly popular as more and more couples are living together, and want to protect their individual assets and income in case of separation.

Islamic Legal Services & Divorce

For an initial consultation about our Islamic Legal Services, Islamic Divorce in the UK or Sharia Law, call Advantage Law +44 (0) 121 514 7111 or contact us by email info@asrsolicitors.co.uk.

Our Islamic legal services division, headed by Fauzia Zafar, can provide you with the best possible legal advice under English or Welsh Law. We provide a holistic service for people requiring a ‘one-stop shop’ to deal with all the legal aspects of life.

We work closely with a number of selected providers who can be at hand when you need them. We can deal with all areas of Islamic legal advice and provide you with the right solution for your needs.

How we can help you

We offer four alternatives, each of which is then tailored to your particular circumstances by our expert lawyers. Call us on +44 (0) 121 514 7111 for help in deciding which one is right for you.

Option 1: Consultation with Family Lawyer

  • 60 mins expert advice from a specialist divorce lawyer.
  • In person or over the phone – whichever is more convenient for you.
  • Discuss anything concerning you – money, children, property.
  • Suitable for those doing their own divorce who need some expert help

Option 2: Basic Lawyer-Assisted Divorce Process

  • Discuss your circumstances with a local, expert divorce lawyer in a telephone consultation.
  • We complete the legal paperwork for you and you submit it to the court.
  • Suitable for where the divorce is agreed and there are no issues over money or children.

Fixed fee: £200 plus relevant Court Fees

Option 3: Basic+ Divorce Process Support

  • We do everything necessary to obtain your divorce, from start to finish.
  • Fixed price given upfront with no hidden costs.
  • Local, expert divorce lawyers and in-person advice.
  • Includes the divorce element only – for issues over money, property or children you will need our full service.

Typical fixed fee: £725 plus relevant Court Fees

Option 4: Full Legal Service with Your Divorce Process

  • Suitable when the divorce or the division of your finances isn’t agreed.
  • High quality service from expert, quality-checked divorce lawyers.
  • We take care of everything and work for the best outcome for you.
  • Value for money and no hidden costs.

From: £1,000 plus relevant Court Fees

Free Initial Telephone Consultation

Call Advantage Law on +44 (0) 121 514 7111 or request a free call-back using our Contact Form to get free initial advice.

Speaking to a friendly legal assistant over the phone can clarify exactly what you’re aiming to achieve, and precisely how we can help you achieve a positive resolution.

So get in touch now, here’s no risk, no charge and no obligation.

Legal Expert Consultation

After your Free Initial Advice, you might wish to take advantage of our Legal Expert Consultation service, which is a face-to-face meeting with one of our local lawyers to discuss your circumstances in much more detail.

Legal Expert Consultation is a reassuring face-to-face meeting with a lawyer who will give you legal advice on your situation. This session is designed to answer any questions, clarify your rights and give expert guidance.

From the outset, Fauzia at Advantage Law was very approachable and friendly and dealt with my case sensitively. My financial circumstances were difficult but she made the process simple, keeping me informed of progress and handling any issues that arose promptly and efficiently. Communication was excellent and I was contacted regularly via email and telephone calls. Highly recommended!

NJ, Leicester

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