Family Law

Family Law

Life can be difficult. Relationships can be tricky. The pressure of balancing the demands of work, children and home combined with money problems can crush marriages.

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However difficult the problem appears, Advantage Law can help. Our family law team is one of the largest in the Midlands and we have the expertise to deal with just about every family problem.

These include pre-nuptial agreements and divorce, the division of property and money, child care and guardianship issues. We advise married couples, unmarried couples and civil partners.

Thanks to our expertise in other aspects of the law you can also get advice on business law if a family business is involved, and receive guidance on wills, trusts, tax and pension sharing.

We understand that, sometimes, as partners grow in their life their needs and desires change and this can stretch their relationship to breaking point. It is important at these times that you have someone to talk things though with.

There are many options when things go wrong. Our team can help you through life coaching sessions to determine the right way forward for you. We can help you look at the alternatives and make a clear and informed decision.

You can rest assured that we are experienced in helping clients to deal with complex relationships and family issues. We believe that it is important that you get the practical support you need helping you to move forward as rapidly and painlessly as possible.

We can provide legal advice on:

  • any family and divorce related matters
  • living together arrangements
  • parenting arrangements
  • separation agreements

Divorce Law Solicitors

Our divorce solicitors know that divorce often involves high emotions, especially when there are children involved. Our team of Divorce Solicitors & Child Lawyers are sensitive to your needs during this difficult time and will work with you to resolve your divorce with compassion and efficiency. We also try not to use legal jargon when we communicate with you.

Child Custody Solicitors (Children Law)

It's better for both the children and parents if you can agree on any child custody issues that arise from divorce or separation. This is, however, not always possible during what is often an emotionally charged time.

Whenever possible, the Family Law Solicitors at Advantage Law will work to avoid conflict and to reach amicable solutions through negotiation.

If this is not possible, and as a last resort, it may be necessary for both parties to go through Court proceedings. If this is the case, our expert Child Custody Solicitors will give you the best legal advice and support at every stage; and work to get the very best solution for you and the children.

Separation Agreement Solicitors

For a variety of reasons you may not want to get divorced when you separate from your spouse. You may however want to formalise any agreements you reach in relation to the children, property and investments.

If you can reach a voluntary agreement then this can be incorporated into a Deed of Separation, which is also called a Separation Agreement.

Our solicitors can help you with all aspects of a separation agreement, and explain the advantages and disadvantages involved. We do understand that this is an emotional time for everyone involved, and we always try to make the process of separation as stress-free as possible.

All in all I have to say the professional advice, patience, dedication and flexibility from Fauzia at Advantage Law has been excellent. This young professional exceed my expectation in every aspect of her dealings with myself and my case. I will forever be grateful to her for service and will fiercely be promoting her within my circle of friends and family.

JG, London

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